On arrival to Pozzolengo

Ten places to see

  1. 1.Sirmione

  2. 2.Lake Ledro

  3. 3.Riva del Garda

  4. 4.Garda

  5. 5.Verona

  6. 6.Gargnano

  7. 7.Saló

  8. 8.Bagolino

  9. 9.Limone sul Garda

  10. 10.Malcesine

Around Lake Garda

On arrival

The keys will be delivered by our representative on arrival, and retrieved on inspection of the apartment when leaving	
Check that the inventory list is correct.
•	Park car in under ground car park

•	Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when someone is present in the apartment
Due to our two asthma children it is totally forbidden to smoke in the apartment

•	Leave the apartment in the same condition as you wish to find it when you arrive
•	Turn off all lighting
•	Go through inventory list with our local representative
•	Place used bed linen in front of the washing machine
Use of the apartment
On departure